What percentage of my donation goes to people in need?

100% of every donation goes to people in need. All operational costs are covered by the founders of the foundation and this will remain this way.

How can I help?

Besides becoming a monthly member, promoting Lilies of Hope is encouraged. You can spread the word by telling your friends and family members about us or simply sharing our efforts through our social media platforms. As our member base increases so does our impact. Spread the word!

How do you find people in need?

Unfortunately, this part is not hard as there are many individuals that need our help. In the States, we are contacted for assistance regularly. In Bosnia, we have our boots on the ground through our contact person in Sarajevo. On a regular basis people request help throughout the entire region. Monthly, we are sent cases that we can assist. Our team then decides who our donations will be distributed to. In return, we are sent proof of the donation either in video format or images which we then post to our website and social media accounts so that our donors are constantly aware of our activity. Again, all donations are 100% passed on to our benificiaries. As a member, you can also add your own donation suggestions on our Suggestions page

Do I have to sign up for monthly donations?

We welcome both one-time and recurring donations, however, our concept is based on small monthly recurring memberships. Something as easy as skipping your Starbucks coffee once per week, you are actively contributing towards being the difference. By breaking it into smaller amounts, deciding to donate becomes easier. When you become a monthly member, we can collectively make a difference in many lives. Strength in numbers!

How do I know my money is sent for a good cause?

We try our best to vet all requests to the best of our knowledge. Our contact in Bosnia has their own vetting process that they go through before sending us donation options. Once those options are received our internal team will vet those options one final time before sending funds.

Can I cancel my monthly membership anytime?

When you make a donation you will receive an email from Donorbox to set up an account. Using this account you can update expired cards, modify plan amounts, or pause your recurring plan anytime!

What is Donorbox?

Donorbox is a donation system that LOH uses. It helps us manage all of the incoming donations in one place.

How safe and secure is my donation through the Lilies of Hope website?

LOH utilizes a service called Donorbox for donations made through the website. The transmission between the donors, the Donorbox form, and Stripe (payment provider) is encrypted using 256bit SSL/TLS. Stripe is one of the most secure and trusted payment providers. It is used by Twitter, Shopify, Kickstarter, and Lyft. Saved cards & bank accounts for recurring donations are also tokenized. Therefore, Donorbox doesn't have any record of the donor's card number in their database and logs. This means hackers will never get sensitive card or bank information from them.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes! Lilies of Hope is a 501(c)(3) non profit charity organization. As you donate, you receive our Federal Tax ID and acknowledgment of your donation.